Reply To: Update on Zach Anderson: Judge shows no mercy at all


I believe its time to say render to ceaser what is ceaser’s and to God what is Gods in all this matter. I would say juisprudent has run the gauntlet. You see I don’t like to think as thinking gets me in trouble and believe it or not we are all born into trouble.
Now police can play by their rules, but going to far would make anyone upset but they don’t care. Its like killing someone or stigmatizing one or should we shoot first ask questions later or have a press report about it so someone can get some credit or should we write a dirty novel about all this. Well killing is killing, tourture is tourture, but who brings all this on,is it the boggyman as some say on here… is it basic instinct… Father know’s best… or designing women that want to be 100% right as in the garden of eden or is it the police over riding things a bit. Were is love thy neighbor in all this
Now don’t get me wrong if we can problem solve and help thats good with these sex offender situations but now it seems man wants to control. Now a little punishment isn’t bad in certain situations but a lot of this needs to be stopped. Prison’s and a life long registry is bad enough. We are all equal even the police and government.
If an article like this doesn’t open anyone’s eyes than we all might as well be anesthetized. Sure it makes me sick about this boy and girl with the boys’ hormones racing but thats not the whole problem. Even the girls mom and the girl herself didn’t want to see that kids life ruined in one minute by this. Kind of tells us about ourselves. One encounter and your a loser for the rest of your life. So Brenda you guys and all the other advocatres have a lot of challanges ahead of you and be sure to take that good book with you. I believe they still accept the good book in court these days.