Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court


Supposedly ML3 was expired once SHAMEA was passed, by reverting people back in my eyes but not in the eyes of the law is retroactive and expostfacto because the law was expired, there will be somore lawsuits coming to them, Like Terry and a few others have said there are still unconstitutional parts of SHAME3 and SHAMEA, the fact some are still having their photos put online plus their home and work address, public shamming is illegal.
Wait till these actors and news casters are put on the list for sexual harassment, their the ones that are going to take down the registry, these people have lots and lots of money, even if they have to pay fines and what not they will still have a million bucks for pocket change.
I have to agree with you about the people who are true monsters, sex traffickers like in the movie Taken, the guy who killed Megan K and Adam W, those are the people the public really needs to worry about, the true reason why the registry exists, not for the people who dated someone who lied about their age like what happened to me and thousands of others, and now look where we are, these people who are being accused of sexual harassment are not the problem either , their just another face to pic up, public bullying,