Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court


Thank you for clearing that up. A lot of my questions about the bill has been answered by you! I would also be off the registery even with the bill comes into play. My origanal end date would of been in July of 2014. A 10 year end mark. But, im still really also confused on ml 3 comes in unl3ss there is something to revert to be there. It should of been nothing to revert back to. Its like writing a book but in during that book the pages are gone and all work is lost. Im thinking that the bill is reverting back on the play of writing into a new law or one of those crazy codes and sections to open it as part of a new law. But, i do not see how it could be cause there is not a new law to view unless im missing or do not understand. All i want is muniz to be the one to take us all off. Its not fair that only certain S.O. gets off on the fix bill. I mean i can understand a real beast violent real dangerous that do not care and just out right pure evil offenders who really need to be on the registery and locked up. Im talking about real pure evil offenders that like of worse or equal to lets say Hitler. But for even people who had changed their life’s and doing way better than non offenders needs to be off the registery forever. I do pure my heart to you all and i do pray for all of us all.