Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court


It is my understanding that all life time and svp’s will remain on the list, unless you were pre SORNA and were upgraded to life and your time would have been up, you get credit for time already done on the list but you have to finish whatever time you have left , if you were sentenced to 10year in say 2007 then you have to register until 2018 which would be the last time you register, That’s my interpretation of this mess.
Once Muniz is decided and the cert is denied a butt load more will come off the list who are under SORNA and if I’m not mistaken all lifers will be the only people on the list. I’m also not sure how and if the Muniz decision will affect HB 1952. I still don’t get how they can bring back ml 3 and revert all back, it is still retroactive expostfacfo in my opinion, I would be coming off under hb 1952 but I am still getting a lawyer involved to speed up the process once the bill passes.