Reply To: Sex registries as modern-day witch pyres


Robin after Kurt’s post I do have to chime in a bit more. While Kurt’s right on a certain aspect I have to commend him and although my hats off to you and NARSOL’s position we the people need too draw the line on this good witch bad witch thing and this witch hung thing. Now know a bit about Tennis Hatfield since I lived in the coal fields of WV and am now in Virginia. I even know a bit about shot gun weddings. Were a lot of them imaginary or real. Some of my people lived around the Hatfield’s. Me I was not too much interested in the folklore of that era.
Sure I listened to Martin Luther King Jr. and discrimination goes a long way. In fact I liked his speeches. See WV wasn’t a segregating bunch like VA and other states. Why do you think we broke off with VA during the Civil war.

Are we all having our own civil war today with this sex offense and this registry that wants to maim sex offenders for life or should we dig up John Brown’s body? Now certain civil organization’s are great but in a lot of this sex witch hunt it seems that even hopes for a life beyond the registry is out of balance with these obtuse laws.