Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court



So pretty much the 1952 bill is saying all the rsov is stuck to be on the registerry being viewed on the web. All those who try to flee or hide for those who help them to do so will be also commiting a felony. For those who are not violent offenders pre-sorna still might be getting off the registry if no other pending charges or they have been convected with still time of the 10 year has not been up yet. The ones who have been past the 10 year mark may be getting off the registery under the pre-sorna. So pretty much i may be giving a wrong stuff here or half right or half wrong or even all the way right or wrong. Im just trying to understand the bill as putting it in simple terms or attempt to do so. Please do not take any of my words to be true. There is a lot that i do not understand under all these codes that are on the bill. I may even not know what im talking about. Thank you all for your help and support on here in this chat area on norsal.