Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court

terry brunson

Update on HB – 1952 it passed the Pa. House 188 – 0 and had three voted to be pushed to the Pa. Senate where it is on the table for Senate vote. Senate was to vote on HB – 1952 but it was re tabled to dealth with adding time to abortion delays . WOW.

tHE gENERAL aSSEMBLY is in recess until January – There are no more voting days until January. HB – 1852 should be voted through the Senate without debate seeing that 2018 is an election year and no Pa politician wants to speak positive against HB 1952 for fears of being soft on crime. . . . . You have to have two for a debate PRO and CON HB -1952 will only most likely have a vote for passing to go to the Governor’s desk for signature.

Muniz – status is the clipper. . . . The SCOTUS docket sheet is the controller of the Muniz case. Muniz will be upheld and that denial Cert. will put the PSP in a position to honor PA. HB 1952 or follow Muniz decision by court order.

PSP filed a friend to the court brief that had a tone that they were for public safety alone. The PSP is not the enemy in this matter. They are just as in the dark in a waiting pattern just like us all. Please never get the idea that PSP are the bad guys. The enemy is Freed – and the PA Judicial Committee members that DON’T LIKE THAT THE PASC has cross them on Muniz.

Muniz should have been decided on in support of SORNA in their minds. But Muniz will be the same case that knocks down HB 1952 when it becomes law. HB 1952 stops short of helping all as Muniz does. HB 1952 is a good bill, but is stops short of dealing with all that Muniz gives better results to do.

Like dealing with:
1. PSP website- shaming and reputation. HB 1952 mentions it but doesn’t correct the shaming by saying that Pre-SORNA people should be taken off it.

Muniz – Reed – Woolf – and Butler all call for the removal of Pre-Sorna people off the PSP website.

2. PSP don’t offer opportunity to hear RSO’s that feel they are classified. HB 1952 does all the talking but offer on hearing due process if a RSO disagree with their classification. You can not be tar and feathered without a hearing. . The only due process in HB 1952 is the same that was in SORNA – if you don’t like it – Mandamus in court.
Most RSO don’t even know what mandamus is or they don’t no money to get a lawyer – and they can’t DYI no relief in court.
3. HB 1952 will be applied in retroactive way – that is Ex Post Fato. . . . This practice is hard to break in the law maker’s spirit. Law makers feel power to do as they please and all should shut up and obey the law not question it. That is why we have checks and balances in Executive branch – Judicial and Legislative to keep harmony. It is not perfect But is is the best on earth today.