Reply To: Update on Zach Anderson: Judge shows no mercy at all


Your comments on here intrigue me. Now a lot of men “think” with their you know what, and most of you on here are I would say mid 30’s and over. This boy was given too much of a punishment in the first place. A lot of people can do probation but the stigma of being on the registry is counter productive….. there is job security to look at, places to live, the cost of fine’s, and even living a normal everyday life. They don’t even factor that in any of this punishment.

Did this kid really harm anyone or just his self-esteem? Hey I did 6 months PO when I was about his age for getting caught with a bag of weed. Today they would probably expel you from school if that happened. Sure I hope the boy gets a light brush with this ordeal. I would gladly take a small sentence for all this and after Probation that’s it, everything is wiped clean but we all press on. Is it age factor, I would say yes but than again the courts would say age has nothing to do with it. He actually sleep with a teenager…. Oh my gosh. I guess repentance is out of the question I guess learning a lesson is better than earning your freedom as maestro said in certain words.

I guess they are looking for the next Al Capone and even over riding the probation officer sounds a bit out of wack.