Reply To: International Travel



I was a registered sex offender for several years.

I was 17 at the time of the offense and eventually removed from the sex offender list when Texas passed Romeo & Juliet laws.

Right before this happened, I was transiting through Mexico on my way back to the US in 2013. I was detained upon deboarding and allowed to fly back to the US. However, my name, fingerprints, etc were flagged by the Mexican authorities.

When I was finally removed from the SO registry, I contacted the FBI, USCIS, Interpol, etc to make sure my name was removed from their databases and no future alters were sent. This was taken care of. I have since traveled to 23 countries in 4 continents and have had no issues.

I tried to reenter Mexico this year, and I was again denied entry. Mexico did not receive an alert from Interpol or the US government. I am simply in their database due to the first incident years ago.

Are there people in my situation? Have you been able to get your name removed from the Mexican database? Any other advice would be appreciated?

Thank you