Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court


@Terry and anyone else, disregard my comment @6:37pm December 14 2017
I re read some comments posted earlier and a few days ago so never mind that question.
Terry thank you for all of your all that you posts and support you are a good friend for sure, we should hear from Muniz on the 16 could be wrong, they could file for another extension I hope not though, things appear to be getting stressful around here, when I get stressed out I work out have for many years, I see people who are disabled and sick and whatnot, I will be that way some day but not for a long time God willing, I think everyone should exercise, even if your disabled it may help you get better or feel better and helps manage stress.

@Chuck and everyone else, thank you for your comments and support as well, very appreciate it. People make mistakes no harm no fowl friends.