Reply To: Sex registries as modern-day witch pyres


Were off to see the wizard witch one, Gwendolyn or the wicked witch of the west. I wonder sometimes who’s the witch in this trashy sex degrading lifetime registry is. Should we have a registry for gossip or a tell all secert society to let the whole world and newspapers know we are all sinners and yes we inhearited that from Eve. Wait a minute, maybe we should have a nympho registry also. They say catherine the great was a nympho.
Listening to some of the comentary of Larry and andy on the talk show the other night they talked about punishment and how many years should one get, about probation and those offenses as to what degree the judges deem is proper. Well from Eve we were all given a judgemet and yes we all die. I’m sure you all know the story. I wonder who ask for the head of John the baptist and who put her up to it. Was it political? It never hurts to talk about these good and bad situations and challanges.
Maybe we all should be beheaded that have a potty mouth or accuse others of sexual misconduct. Well who are we all going to condemn or who are we all going to ask for money thru the basis of greed. See all this fighting and fussing can go both ways but all the answers to your questions are in the bible. Do I mind at times being wrapped up in this witch-hunt. Look we are all with stars and men of importance… senator’s and lawyers and movie stars or should we start women’s lib all over again. I believe we all should let NARSOL and those other advocate’s do their job. Sure we all should be scared but I told my PO a long time ago that I fear only one person and that is God, so everybody have a nice Christmas and remember the reason for the season.