Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court


@ Chuck & Pixar…

Re: It’s hard to not have a “the world is after me” attitude when you are on the registry. I know, I, and I believe most if not all of us here, are on the registry as well. However, having this attitude will prevent you from finding the one person who will help you…

While it is not necessarily on topic… Amen to that, and I know I have had more than my fair share of fear and meltdowns and self pitty… and yes would even admit to be depressively unstable depending on the day… sometimes it is easier than others to pull myself out of it.

But I love snow days. I clear our driveway and sidewalk. Then I clear out 80 something year old lady next doors driveway and sidewalk… then the next house down has an 89 something year old guy and i get his driveway and sidewalk. Then i go and clear the fire hydrants, and where my kids elementary school bus stop is i clear the street where the bus stops so when they get off the sidewalk to go on the street to get on the bus they arent going in the snow… and since the business was just sold and nobody is maintaining it yet i also clear the sidewalk for that area of the school bus stop… and not that i am doimg anything wrong by being there, but just to be clear no kids are there at the time… then i went up to my inlaws and cleared out my wifes parents big driveway and sidewalk… i do that every time it snows. Even when i can barely shovel anymore because we got over a foot of snow.

I think i have $2 in my wallet, and maybe $35 in our checking account till my wife gets paid next week… but i had people offer me money – just like they always do, and I turned it down, just like i always do. It makes me feel good and appreciated to help someone who needs it and at that moment anyone who knows and sees me doesnt care that i am a sex offender… and while my wifes brother and sister would and have called in tips to the psp that are provable lies, i have proven to my wifes parents that i have changed and a good person worthy of being forgiven.

Sometimes the good can outweigh the bad… sometimes we all, including myself, just need the reminder