Reply To: Pennsylvania Legislature attempts to “fix” unconstitutional law

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If anyone is from Pennsylvania, and have been charged or convicted and are incarcerated with or for Failure to Register as a Sex Offender under SORNA.

My husband has had his case dismissed due to MUNIZ, the DA has dropped both the charges of failure to register accurate information and failure to register updates to his internet identifiers.

My husband’s attorney filed for Motion to Dismiss his charges per Muniz and the DA dropped the charges after using a delay tactic called 30 days to file a brief which they never filed it because Muniz applied to my husband.

He was convicted in 2006 for his crime that placed him under Megan’s Law 3, he is PRE SORNA.

There is no stay and they cant prosecute for failure to register as sex offender under SORNA, per Muniz and only if Muniz Decision applies to the defendant.

Commonwealth Shawn Christopher Williams, had his cased overturned by the Superior Court for Failure to Register as a sex offender under SORNA. Muniz applied to him and he was released from prison on Oct 20, 2017 one day after his charges where dismissed.

Look up Shawn Christopher Williams, who is not my husband, but this case was used to help push the dismissal of my husband charges.