Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court



@ Pixar
to answer your question why it seems no one is willing o help without making a profit. First, we have the ALCU. Second, obtaining the skills to be a lawyer is expensive and very time-consuming. As such to compensate those who spent the time and money to become a lawyer, they typically have to charge rates, low-income people, like myself, cannot afford. There are a few lawyers that will work for peanuts but they are so overworked it is hard to get on their schedule, and if you do get on their schedule it’s tough from them to give your case the attention it needs.
It’s hard to not have a “the world is after me” attitude when you are on the registry. I know, I, and I believe most if not all of us here, are on the registry as well. However, having this attitude will prevent you from finding the one person who will help you.