Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court

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first time commenter. Question 1. found this site today after a google search for organizations advocating reforms for sex offender laws. I have been physically/emotionally assulted for theses laws. I am a family member protective and supporting a tier 2 registrant. I noticed in several articles i read on this site today, that no one in position of law speaks or guides anyone. There is no area or link to get solid info, accurate updates or legal advise to all. we are poor and in bad mental health, all due and documented thru our psychologists/psychiatrists due to these decades of registrations and pressure under the threat of imprisonment. We are subject to dying of a heart attack every time a door bell rings (we’ve none in these house). Is there no one willing to guide and protect people and their constitutional rights and universal rigths to humanity without a profit? Were are the lawsuits to strip states of money? which is how the only understand!

2. Is anyone willing to start a registry for convicted politician or public figures and celebrities? i read that somewhere someone interested, but not one person has responded to that commenter. So sad the lack of support and the cowardice while many of us take the brunt force of illegal acts of violence and effects of laws and get told to shut up of face having something found in not compliance.