Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court

terry brunson

The PSP Megan’s Law Section has honest respectable people doing a great job – Like miss Joanna – Reynolds a lawyer for the PSP – She is confused on what to tell the Court in response to what I am saying in my brief. I will soon file an Enbac to the Commonwealth court to have 7 Judge review befor I appeal to Superior court on the way to the PASC.

PSP lawyer don’t know all the details yet. They are waiting just like we are. Prosecutes are not set on which direction to take either. I am not a lawyer – but in the Commonwealth Court in Harrisburg I am making a mark as knowing what is going on with Muniz and HB -1952 which they had no idea was going on in the city that they are in. . .. Harrisburg, Pa.

Dec 13, the Senate retires at 9:48 P.M. with HB 1952 still on the table with 3 consecrations to be put on the floor for a Senate vote. The Pa. House move HB-1952 through the Pa. House with a 188 to 0 vote. . . That is a good indication that if any law marker goes against HB-1952 it will be hell to pay.

HB 1952 will fast track through the Senate as well – It will be on the Governor’s desk in Jan 2018 when the Senate comes by into session for voting. HB 1952 will make law status. But it will be challenged are meet Muniz head on in the PASC floor to face Ex post Facto muster. The PSP will be told that the New law has no punistive factors in it. . . . . . Liar liar pants on fire. . . . .. . . .

Punitive point 1 – Reputation and shaming is a punishment of tar and feathering without a due process hearing to be put on a PSP website Pa. Constitution Art. 1 Sec 1, and Sec. 9

Punitive point 2 – Ex Post Facto application of new law on people who’s offense date is before law enactment date. See Pa. Constitution Art. 1 Sec. 17

Punitive point 3 – Discrimination against group in set date range as Pre- SORNA RSO’s that Commonwealth by new law is allowing PSP to enforce against people in these date ranges sex offenses after April 1996 but before 19 December 2012. See Pa. Constitution Art. 1 Sec. 26

Need I continue? ? ? ? HB 1952 will not face the hot water as it becomes law, but when it becomes law it will be put in the hot spot quickly to be kicked back to the PASC who will bring Muniz back to the table – on State right alone and the new Law is done. Then where do PSP and Pa law makers put 18,500 RSO’s then????? Pre- SORNA people will be free to step away and have the Pa. law makers try one more again to limit the exodus off the registry.