Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court

terry brunson

Muniz and Niaman are land mark cases that are saviour cases of equal protection of right s to RSO’s today.

Niaman was like Muniz years back fighting Megan’s Law 3 until SORNA came.

Now Muniz help is here are it has every punitive base covered to give victory to all that it applies to before December 20, 2012.

Now HB 1952 when voted into law will under mind the results of Muniz as if the PASC never gave a decision on Muniz………

To make HB 1952 equal with Muniz would be to cover every base Muniz covers . . . . .

1. Shaming on public website –
2. Retroactive application prohibitions
3. Punitive aspects erased to Pre-SORNA people
4. Give due process equal protections of PSP showing how factually a RSO is a danger to the public by evidence and not just by being classified as a sex offender by a law.
5. Making closes family & friends commit a felony to aid RSO’s
6. HB 1952 is a knee jerk reaction to the water fall results that Muniz would bring if Pa. law maker don’t put in place controls to slow a mandatory removal of names off the registry.