Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court

terry brunson


How does HB 1952 affect a pre-SORNA RSO – NON – SVP under its provisions of getting off the registry?

Under Muniz there is no way to revert backward to were you use to be under ML 1 2 or 3 or SORNA

The Judicial determination is not what you are interpreting. . . as if Muniz is the judicial determination. . .

If they mean that the context of the bill would express that- – – – But it does not—- a Non – SVP life time would be automatically take off the registry because Muniz decision kills the path to go back were to you were on the original circumstance of MLs 1 2 or 3 which were expired at implementation of SORNA. . . . . application in an ex post facto way…….

HB 1952 don’t talk about correcting that for non SVP life timers . . . . They would have to bring suit to get off under a judicial determination claiming Muniz. That means filing something in court. Hos can you mis this. . . . . The context of the HB 1952 is targeting people from date after April 1996 but before 19 Dec 2012 at Sorna vote in. . . . .

If you are in this class – which 80% of the pre – SORNA people are- This bill don’t help these people- but Muniz decision does. It Muniz gets all pre – SORNA people off the registry [.]

HB 1952 keeps them on until a judicial determination releases them. The HB 1952 is a goo collage try – but it don’t fix that you cannot bring back expired law without a savings clause at the repeal of a law.

You have to make new law to revive the rules of ML that were in the past. . . . . .The new law would be applied in a retroactive way which under Muniz is a no no- We need Muniz to help all 18,500 RSO’s in Pa. Not a HB 1952 which only helps a handful of low risk offender in their eyes…. Over 80% of the registry is filled full of life time offenders stuck there because of SORNA.

HB 1952 would put them back at where they use to be- and if their 10 years are not up they still on the registry with thier rights being violated as to
1. Reputation and shaming by being on a PSP website with picture and all personal info for public to see……. Read Constitution Art. 1 Section 1 in Muniz it stops this for all before 12-20-12

HB 1952 don’t mention the fix to this at all ……. Neither Ex post facto of Pa. Constitution Art. 1 Sec. 17