Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court


terry brunson

@ Snoopy
HB 1952 is a Muniz fix before the SCOTUS deny Freed’s Cert. He needed to buy time as a delay tactic to get the Pa law maker to put together this HB 1952 stuff as a Muniz fix option. Muniz is the law of the law in Pa. but the law makers don’t like the automatic application of Muniz – So they wrote up a fix to Muniz hoping it will satisfy Pre-SORNA RSO’s who rights been violated by SORNA rules.

The HB 1952 is only good at putting people back at where they were 12 Dec 2012. . . . . . . . and if they make you go beyond 10 years you get off now with a I sorry – They are open to a suit now. HB 1952 don’t do anything for those who are not done the ten years where MUNIZ gets them off automatic no need to file nothing- the law makers don’t like this at all. . . .

Under MUNIZ there is not old megan’s Laws to revert back too the law makers know this too.
Under MUNIZ 18,500 RSO’s are set free no judicial determination but MUNIZ DECESION OF 19 JULY 2017.

Under HB 1952 one not done 10 yerars must file a judicial determination in a court and get a order to get off the registry when Muniz decion alone would get you off the registry. . . Can you see that HB 1952 is not really a MUNIZ fix? It is a slick way of disrespecting the PASC decision on Muniz- – – -The challenge to HB 1952 is also that it too will be applied EX POST FACTO in retroactive way. . Muniz says this is a no no. . . Muniz remand is the fear of the Pa law makers. . . They are trying and hoping angainst hope to fix an unfixable thing.

The PASC fixed things by giving MUNIZ to th us the Pa. law makers don’t like it so they want to do damage controll and further violate rights and tell you in HB 1952 – YOU NEED A JUDICAL DETERMINATION TO GET OFF THE REGISTRY. . . When Muniz would make the PSP put you off. . . The PSP is being used to take sides on Pa. law makers? or to Obey the Law MUNIZ handed down from the PASC. . .

The PSP is the one that will be sued big time and look stuppit. A law called MUNIZ is in Place and the Law Makers don’t like it so the want to make a law to erace a law the is in a appeal to the SCOTUS