Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court


@ Snoopy this is what happened.

When they passed Sorna, they did not want two groups of offenders. One that we’re controlled under Pre-Sorna and those under Sorna. So to fix this, they made Sorna retroactive. Since the current law at the time said Megans Law was not punishment, this was legal. So now the Muniz decision says, “Hey, you can’t subject people sentenced before Sorna to the same rules as those who were convicted after.
Fast forward to 1952. So there were sections of the current Megans Law that the Pa Supre Court said “becuase of this section and this one, this one, etc etc etc it is punishment. So I’m an attempt to nullify this ruling 1952 deleted these sections and replaced them with new ones.

PSP said today in a press statement, that 1952 WILL NOT apply to pre-Sorna offenders IF Muniz is upheld. There will be NO NEED to see a judge.the judicial determination that everyone sees i. The bill means the SCORUS decision. If SCOTUS denies cert, NO Pre-SORNA people will have to register. Now there is a big cave eat to this. You have to continue untill they process all the paperwork which will take time.

So yes, they can replace the “bad parts” and essentially make Megans Law non punititive. However I think all those offenders from 12/21/12 to whenever 1952 goes into effect will argue the new rules are ex post facto to them.

When 1952 passes, it will be a Felony to provide housing to a sex offenders if they are using that housing to avoid registering.
Also if you decide not to register and you are married, your spouse is committing a felony by not turning you in. Same with any family or friend that doesn’t turn you in.
Tonight, I had a friend’s daughter physically assuslted and stripped naked because her dad is a sex offender. Police said “oh, maybe you shouldn’t have molested that girl then?? Basically it was my friend’s fault for making a mistake when he was 17 and she was 16. The girl he “molested” is his wife now.