Reply To: Sex registries as modern-day witch pyres


Witch hunt, witch hunt burn the witch but who’s the witch in all this confusion? Man cannot predict the future of another man can one?. Actually that is basically what they are doing in all this “being on the registry for life issue”.
I remember in my early 60’s we did’t have any of this sexting, sure we had corrupt police, we also had programs like Perry Mason. Sure police were corrupt. are they still today, I leave that up to you all to decide. All I know is I didn’t ask for sex and thats on recording unless they erased it and that was my one condition. You see a lot of this is a trap of man’s device to enslave man. I just wonder why the detective told me right before I entered the judge that he was a christian instead of while we spoke during the interrigation. So who is the witch and who is the witch hunter. I believe its easy for any of you all to understand with these circumstances. Its funny about government they will go to any lengths to honor their code but not God’s commandments.