Reply To: Sex registries as modern-day witch pyres


NH Registrant

My situation:

I live with an elderly parent because I am a social pariah and my health has gone straight downhill all through this ordeal (forced plea deal, prison, parole (which is now over), LIFETIME registry that I have to PAY FOR! ). I have severe health problems and have to live on SSI. I get a maximum of $730 a month to live on. I get a whole $19 in food stamps and I get medicaid. But, none of that will save me at ALL. I am due to die sometime soon – not by my own choice. However, It is inevitable. I’ll explain how and why:

When my elderly parent dies, I will not be able to afford to keep our home. So, I will be homeless. Being on the Registry, I cannot get into low income housing. No roommates want to live with a registered sex offender. I have no friends anymore thanks to my conviction that I can go live with. And my relatives are all too busy with their lives (those that are still living, that is). I cannot even go into a shelter anywhere. I have no car. So, when my elderly parent dies, so will I. With my severe health problems, I cannot live on the street. I need regular medical care and medications to stay alive and breathing. I cannot be exposed to the elements by being homeless. So, therefore, I will die on the street (slowly or quickly – whatever happens) when my elderly parent passes.

The Registry is a DEATH SENTENCE for me. This mark I bear for images on a computer resulted in a practical sentence of execution. This is the future I have laid out before me. This is what I have to look forward to. All because of a couple people who wanted to punish EVERYONE for the actions of a few. And some very greedy individuals who saw profit in it. This is the face of the registry for a lot of us. Shunned from any help to survive. It’s amazing we do survive! However, those of us with no connections, and no help , do not.

With my elderly parent becoming more senile with each passing day, bad decisions have been made and we are in dire straits financially. We may lose our home even before my parent leaves this life. My parent will probably be taken in by some shelter somewhere. And I will not. I will be left to fend for myself on the street.

So, when you think about us on the registry, ask yourself this: Do we all deserve death? All of us? I know there were people who did some unspeakable things and have zero remorse for it. People who do evil things exist, yes. But, that is a VERY SMALL percentage of us on the lifetime blacklist. So, do we ALL deserve to die for it? Do we deserve to be locked out of life-saving shelters? Do we deserve to be shunned from being able to support ourselves with the meager resources we possess?

Ask yourself that.