Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court


Thank You, Snoopy. I enjoy staying informed. We might get a brief from Muniz in a day or two. They might file a little early. It is sad 1952 will pass, yet I think it will help people see that there shouldn’t be s registry. The only purpose of the registry is to shame the offenders. How can you expect offenders to rebuild if you are too busy shaming them. How about instead, you create an insurance fund that sex offenders pay into that will cover any claims against their employer becuase they hired you and then you did something bad. You pay like $10.00 until you have a claim. Once you have a claim, your rate goes up. For every year, you dot have a claim, your rate decreases.

Try being part of the solution instead of just wanting to shaming people for potentially the rest of their lives.

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