Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court


You are right that is why I called the Megans Law Secrion. That is your best answer becuase they are literally the ones that will be enforcing the bill if it becomes law.
For example, I didn’t even know Muniz and Neiman were going to get me off now until they told me. I was like I only have 3 years left. They said no if Muniz is upheld you will be off NOW due to Neiman. I was like , “WHAT”!!!!!
I was like holy crap.
You have to remember this. People are scared and desperate so they are “reviewing” the bill trying to find ways to “beat it”.
Now one thing they did tell me was that the General Assembly is rumored to change the bill so that per Sorna people will be left off. Remember they don’t care one bit about Pre Sorna vs Sorna. In the end, they just want the registry to still be around. If the cost of keeping the registry another 25 years is letting pre Sorna go, they don’t want to do it, but they will do it in a heart beat and not even blink an eye. Half a loaf is WAY better than no loaf when you are HUNGRY!!