Reply To: Sex registries as modern-day witch pyres



Check it out. I am the victim of chilld molestation by a family member who was murdered subsequently and my boyfriend as a child was brutally raped by a guy who worked at dairy queen when he was ten. I can tell when I am talking to someone or looking at someone who a sex offender is (predator) and I can tell if an accuser is a liar. My ex-husband plead innocent to a case in San Jacinto county. His piece of trash attorney should have declared a mistrial as me and my father were talking this last year. He told me that he heard the bailiff say to my ex-husband’s attorney that the jury had made up their mind because they did not like the way he looked. I need to find this bailiff and get all of my husbands transcripts. I am not an attorney but for 2 hours a day every day that I was in TDC (I was guilty as hell) I did a lot of reading in tin the law library mainly in the Texas Laws on Criminal Procedure. I fought my last case in 2016, sat there 67 days and I because Sigmund Freud, my attorney (mr Craft) was trying to play a numbers game with the DA and my stupid judge with the porn star name (262) in Harris County never studied the metric system or dewey decimal system most of us learned in the 5th grade. That is a whole other matter.
Now, in my husbands case, he took a polygraph and he passed with flying colors. My daughter from a previous relationship and her (sucking off the system for personal gain) father’s family didn’t even offer to take one. Well, his polygraph wasn;’;t admissible in court and that was the only reason his attorney took his money just to represent him.