Reply To: Sex registries as modern-day witch pyres

Terry H.

I have a question: ” Where is the evidence that the registries protect anyone ” ? I am on the registry and have been for over 4 years and NO ONE has ever check on me, looked in on me, stopped me, harassed me or otherwise looked sideways at me…EVER. Now, if I am such a threat to society, how is my being on the registry protecting anyone? If an SEX OFFENDER wanted to re-offend they could do so easily and for the most part, no one would ever know before it happened, so how is this public “Outting” helping, protecting or even in some cases informing real or updated information. We all have laws to follow if we wish to be a part of this world but some laws are ridiculous, have no true or real value and need to be changed, thank God NARSOL is here with their efforts but we ALL must do more if this is ever going to change.