Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court


No that is 100 incorrect. If you started in 2003 you last year to register would of been 2014.
Year 1 2003-2004
YEAR 2 2004-2005
Year. 3 2005-2006
Year 4 2006-2007
Year 5 2007-2008
Year 6 2008-2009
Year 7 2009-2010
Year 8 2010-2011
Year 9 2011-2012
Year 10 2013-2014.

ALOT of offenses do not understand this and get violated becuase they didn’t update their info in their final year because they thought they were done. It’s actually 11 calendar years you are on for a 10 year sentence. I know this because my original sentence was a 10 year one. 2010 I started and have to update until 2021.
And NO THERE IS NO asking a judge to get off. THERE IS NO GETTING OFF due to Muniz!! Pre Sorna people, like me, will be DENIED. We will be returned to our SORNA SENTENCES.