Reply To: Sex registries as modern-day witch pyres


Excuse me but am I missing something here. Their has always been witch hunts and yes today its a modern day witch hunt for those that commit sex offenses. Sexual misconduct, adult misconduct, having a potty mouth, being indifferent to the status quo of society. I feel like I’m in the movie of ” the graduate” with an internet twist too it.
At times I wish I never gotten involved with all this but I also feel that justice has run amuck in a lot of these ordeals. There is no love thy neighbor in any of this witch hunt. Maybe we all should go back to playing with ouji boards or reading palm’s, when we did when we were young.

I feel bad for all the lady’s on here that have husbands or son’s that are in prison and I even wonder why I didn’t go to prison at times. Even with the little violation I did while on probation by saying I was on face book and actually that was to sign up to campaign for Trump which was the main purpose.

Now hurting people is no good and some what to voice or put down others as in these sexual misconducts, little grouping incidents and what for some vanity. Shouldn’t we all learn to reconcile to each other talk it out but no we as human’s seem to get the police involved. I wonder who bully’s who when it all comes down the pike. I even year today that they want to start an adult sex offender registry… talk about witch hunts or talk about government going a bit too far. Should we all go back to the days of Carly Simon your so vain or I bet you think this song is about you.