Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court


The Bill did not get voted on during the Morning Session. The House will reconvene @ 2:45pm today where it looks like it will be the 24th bill voted on.

I spent the morning doing research on this and here is where things get confusing to me…..The Bill has moved from 1st Consideration to 2nd Consideration??? PA House rules require 3 “Yes” votes to move the bill to the Senate. Tomorrow is the last voting day of the year and now suddenly the Bill has had some sort of first round “yes” vote that was not done on the House Floor??

From what I read this is exactly how SORNA went down in 2011. There were no victory laps on the House Floor or any mention of what everyone was voting. The Speaker said (I think it was HB70) and then, seconds later, Bill passes, next bill……Now there were a ton of victory laps in Press Releases and campaign nonsense.