Reply To: Connecticut considers substantial cut to state’s sex offender registry



I agree Michigan should take a really hard look at this idea. Well, actually all states need to step up and make sense of how they are handling their registry. Granted there are four tiers, but they each cover so many different areas and points of the law it make a minor mistake look major. Yes, small or large it was wrong. But do you want to jail your young son for showing his sister he’s different than her? No!! How about no milk and cookies for one week and to bed an hour early. He will catch on pretty quick. My Point, too many people are on a 25 or life time registry for something not serious like rape or child related. If we can get the law makers to understand this, maybe not as hard since so many of them are getting caught with their own pants down in the wrong place. With organizations like NARSOL, we may start seeing a dim light at the end of the tunnel. Bless all!!