Reply To: Connecticut considers substantial cut to state’s sex offender registry


Same here in Missouri. The law was changed at the beginning of 2017 where ALL sex offenders are treated as though they are all violent predators. They even started putting all of them on life time monitoring (Probation Officer), GPS monitoring for LIFE, sex offender ‘therapy’ every week for life, take polygraph test (not sure how often), and register every 3 months. This was suposted to be for those with priors, however, authorities have been doing this to ALL of them. Some have fought this and currently do not have to do it but lawmakers are pushing to make it universal. And if the person moves out of Missouri they STILL have to where the GPS monitoring device. They aslo have to pay for both being on life time probation and the fee for the GPS. Most end up back in prison because of violations, NOT reoffending. Most of the violations where either because they could not afford the fees (can’t find jobs), refusing to register due to harassment, or because of failing the polygraph queston of ‘have you thought about…’. Thinking something and doing it is two totally different things. If they can put you in prison for just ‘thinking’ something then EVERYONE would be in prison.