Reply To: “Sex offense is the one crime that you can never pay for”


I wonder if we have an American council of Justice today. All this these doings are getting a bit out of hand even with women coming front 20 yrs. later and wanting to make accusations that seem to want to downgrade others. I believe its time for American’s to stand up and use their bible studies that one learns in Sunday school or are we all not guilty of something other than bearing false witness.

Does this American government or council direct peoples thought?. Are the sex schemes some type of vain offering or are these schemes some type of catch-22 as one mentioned on here. Playing the devils’ deciple isn’t too cool. I believe a lot of this if not all needs to be abolished. I believe we must remember we are all made of good and evil. Each person believes he is in the right and that persons enemy believes the same thing but when all of this is over true Justice, which is God’s justice will prevail. Are a lot of these sex texting schemes more of a political challenge or a reliegous challange. Are they more orthodoxy as it was in the time of moses, or are they a mockery to true justice both Gods Justice and man’s Justice?
The bible says a person can’t serve two masters. Are these sex sting operations God made or man mad?. Are those in authority abusining God’s ordainship since Government is ordained by God. Are they themselves breaking the 10 commandments in a certain way by this deception. Are ministers of God for good first and formost? Should ministers of God entice someone or pursuade another by some callous nature by a deception of some sort? Is not God and his law the 10 commandments still in effect? and are they loving thy neighbor when they do wrong to thy neighbor? Do we all parish by lack of knowledge or should we understand that love covers a multiple of sins. These are all serious questions to ponder on.
Now after a person has done his probation or prison time of whatever time and your up for parole one goes in front of a prole board and they say something like you have spent 10 years of a thirty year time and they say something to the fact “do you feel rehiblitated” and you say well let me see, rehiblitated, I don’thave any idea of what that means but if i feel sorry I feel sorry each day for what has happened. How the state can set a person up for no reason at all sort of a political play of power of playing the devil’s advocate. Rehiblitation is a made up word a politician’s word so some can wear a suit and tie and get some vain glory to say they are protecting society with this safty measure that was all crafted by man.