Reply To: Pennsylvania Legislature attempts to “fix” unconstitutional law



All m.l. have 2 things in common.they all fall under the involuntary servitude protection of the 13th amendment of U.S.C and Pa counter part as well as unconscionable adverse contract of adhesion laws.
Fact is they ll are punishment ans unenforceable .
First of all your government mandates you to serve them without compensation by supplying them your personal information on your own personal time and expense with ne benefit to you what soever . The 13th amendment plainly states no one shall be held in slavery nor involuntary servitude unless dully convicted of a crime. So clearly m.l. has to be deemed punishment and the expost facto clause clearly states only the punishment in place date of crime be applied .This fact effectively automatically prevents any retro active application as proposed by Pa house bill 1952 of 2017 . There never has been a non-punitive m.l. and there never lawfully ever can be by virtue of the 13th amendment and its Pa counter part. It was created long ago because they knew the future government might pull this sort of thing.
Secondly, all these m.l. dictated by use of written terrorist threat you must enter into an unconscionable adverse contract of adhesion .Or be severely punished .
Against your will you must provide the government your personal information and agree that if their is a change in that you will re-enter into a new contract quickly supplying the new information.Regardless whether or not there are changes ,you also agree to re-enter the contract at least once a year just as contractual law states must be done.
After you provide the info they dictate you must verify its correct and that they can severely punish you if it is not. The verification is accomplished by signature,telephone or computer electronically. However,that is not all the form you are verifying states. It clearly states the obligations and duties you are agreeing to comply with and severe punishment if you violate those contractual terms.
It is extremely well settled laws that under no circumstance shall any person be unwillingly forced into an unconscionable adverse contract of adhesion .
None the less the gun packing cop will give you an order to sign to verify while your in the locked police station room and if you refuse he will arrest you for failure to obey a lawful order and who knows what else he and his comrades might frame you for .However,it is not lawful for a cop to force you into any contract and puts himself in the position of being sued personally in federal court as it’s beyond his scope of duties. Hafer V. Melo
Before you get yourself caught up in the situation it’s better to file a petition for review/mandamus with the commonwealth court of Pa explaining the application of USCA 13th Pa. const._______ and contractual law.This way the court can point these facts of law out to your government and once and for all end these nazi-era laws.
They already have doubled the possible sentences for these type of crimes and created 3 strike laws since the ridge admin days these m.l. are over the top…
As far as Pa house bill 1952 of 2017 goes it is punitive and violates contractual laws.Also in Pa. nothing is allowed to become law until published in the Pa. Bulletin for 6 month.