Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court



@ Terry

Thank-you for that… It may sound silly, but this would be HUGE for me. I know what I did was wrong, and I hate the registry and have lost jobs and friends because of it, but it was part of my punishment so as much as I don’t like it I can live with the 10 years… I at least knew that was what I was getting when I was sentenced, well sort of. I may not have completed my 10 years yet, but being put back to 10 years instead of having to do 25 years is fair and just. It’s a punishment, I’m not supposed to like it, but at least going back to 10 years is FAIR… So even if I had a rich uncle (I don’t) that would pay the legal fees to try to get me off on Muniz right now on a technicality I’m not sure I would because I want to set a good example for my kids.

I guess my only other question that I am unsure of from your reply is at the end of my 10 years do I have to get a judge to give me a court order to remove me, or do I just get a letter from the PSP saying that I am done? And yes, I get it I will always have to be vigilant and fight the good fight to lobby and vote and try to support as best I can to help stop other new laws that would try to rope me and everyone else back in.

On another side note as I keep thinking about this I was curious if anyone can offer some thoughts on this… Since my first registration and picture was done in Oct 2010, I would consider that the start of year 1… does that mean my last picture would be in 2019, or do I have to go back in Oct 2020? Now that I can see some light part of me wants to have my last picture taken in a tux or something.

For my last comment, I truly appreciate all of the kind words and thoughts from all y’all. I’m not going thru a great time right emotionally right now and while I have not ever “met” any of you, well it’s good to have a friend.