Reply To: “Sex offense is the one crime that you can never pay for”


Harold “Chris’ Reynolds

After spending 8 years and 9 months of a 121 month sentence for possession and distribution, I was fortunate enough to escape any real violence and never suffered bodily harm. We all know that the system is 100% broke and offers no rehabilitation at all. Until the country as a whole rids itself of the “Jim Crow” mentality, I am afraid that we are in for a very long battle.
I am personally seeking to “humanize” the current situation from soups to nuts so to speak, but do not know how. If I had felt more comfortable talking about my sexual addiction BEFORE it twisted down the path to an offense, my life would be totally different now (don’t let any “educated” clinical psychologists hear that) . Those of us who committed these offenses, and their families, do not deserve to have their whole lives DESTROYED by a system that is doing nothing more than sacrificing us on the altar of “public safety.”
Our government is misguided and corrupt, not stupid. It learned a great deal about public panic from the stock market crash in 1929. The law makers and politicians have learned how to control public concerns before it reaches a peak. By offering “solutions to the SO problem” in the U.S., they do nothing more than place an opiate filled pacifier in the mouths of all the unsuspecting citizens of the U.S. In turn this justifies their over-inflated budget and makes them look like heroes in the eyes of their constituents. Numerous other factors play a role as well – I lack space to further my argument. Feel free to email me at
I’m sick of sitting down. David killed Goliath with one smooth stone.