Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court


I think it’s funny how they think we’ll of course this is legal! Just like the guy who argued Packingham v North Carolina for North Carolina. He couldn’t believe that SCOTUS wasn’t buy his “ it’s ok becuase these are sex offenders” argument. My favorite part is when he tried to correct Justice Kagan’s interpretation of a case. It’s like dude, you think you are going to tell SCOTUS they are wrong and still win??!
It’s funny that their attitude is “ oh no, we know you didn’t mean what you said. So we are going to paper over it to save you guys the embarrassment”.
I would love to hear oral argument on this case. Who has the balls to stand up in front of the PA Supreme Court and say the legisture can ignore Court rulings?
I know in house council for the Pa General Assembly is like “ I will be on vacation that week!!”.
I think our only hope that it won’t become law is if the governor refuses to sign it but 2018 is an election year in Pa.
I feel like telling them, you do know felons can vote in Pa, right?? The only requirement in Pa is that you are not on probation or parole, or in prison.