Reply To: “Sex offense is the one crime that you can never pay for”


I have posted this many times so I’m guessing no one agrees but I will profess my belief again because it’s appears so obvious and maybe someday someone will pick up on it. I accuse the states that have the registry of aiding and abetting in any crime that is the clear result of the information they supply in ANY crime to a registered citizen, whether it be harassment, physical harm or death. [example] If you call me and say you need a ride to the bank and I take you and you enter the bank, rob the bank,unbeknownst to me and you come out and we drive away. We get stopped for the bank robbery, who goes to jail? We both do! Me because I supplied the means for the robbery to take place. He might have not been able to rob the bank unless I drove him there. I aided and abetted in the crime. The law doesn’t see or believe i never knew. Same thing with the state supplying the info for a mad man {or woman] to attack by any means they deem justified and, unfortunately, many times is death. This is so cut and dry for me I will continue to print it until some attorney is willing to at least respond. I don’t have the money to hire an attorney to challenge this in a court. I’m old and on SS. The said crimes could not have happened in most cases without the state supplying the ALL the info for the perp to violate or take our lives. Who’s at fault here? I ask you? ‘Registerd sex offender killed in Doniphan Missouri” That’s where we need to make the stand. I served 13 years been out for 7 and will never be truly free. I’m free with shackles!