Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court

terry brunson

@ Snoopy
Muniz remand gets you off the registry [.] If HB 1952 pass it will take a court judicial determination which is Muniz
2010 to 2020 is what the PSP is going to offer under HB 1952. . . But that is bull shit compared to being off under Muniz. You would be able to challenge the HB 1952 by a judicial determination of (Mandamus) would need a lawyer to help you do that or if you can Pro-Se DIY (Do it yourself)

HB1952 only helps lower tier RSO’s if their out date has passed. . . . . Like Brian He was to be off in 2013 it is now 2017 He would not have to do much either way – HB 1952 will get him off the registry and Muniz too. . . .

In your case Snoopy you must suffer the hardship of being put back to 10 years which has not passed yet. . . . Your best deal is to challenge HB 1952 under Muniz decision. I know Chuck has hit the nail on the head. . . when He tell people that the PSP and Freed and the makers of HB 1952 want to erase MUNIZ as if it never happen. But the PASC has given Muniz and it is the law of the land down – HB 1952 make it seem like one has to file to get something that should come automatic. Results of Muniz should be applied to all Pre-SORNA RSO’s before date 20 December 2012

HB 1952 says at the end of the bill that it is targeting people with the dates of offenses after April 1996 but before 19 Dec 2012 That is a pre- Sorna attack. Muniz fought hard to help all pre-SORNA people to get off as soon as Muniz is remand back to PASC from SCOTUS on Freed denial of Cert.

HB 1952 seems to the PSP to be a saving law. It is the re-write of ML -2 which Commomwealth v. Nieman shut down in its entirety. . . PA though the AWA was so strong because courts were turning their eye to the Ex Post Facto elements of the Law. The PASC woke up to the game and changed the rules. . . . . . . when the PASC gives a vote of 5 to one no vote which MUNIZ was – they intend to see that all get the benifit of their decision in the Commonwealth by court order – and not no Muniz fix that helps only some.

Muniz by itself will make the PSP remove 18,500 RSO’s off the registry. They don’t like that. So they done the HB 1952 as damage control to slow the exodus of the registry. They say it clearly in the bill – if anyone is willing to get a judicial determination or a court’s order – they will be off the registry with no questions that is people like you and I. not Pre-SORNA people that tens passed and now HB 1952 will give them guys only a freedom card off. that is about 4500, what about all the MUNIZ decisions the PSP MUST let OFF? They now got to file a judicial determination? What the What Da? Does that sound like a fire fix? Hell no. . . . . .

Under Muniz there is no ML 1 2 3 od SORNA to hold you to – – – – This New law gets in the way by putting a new law it the way . . . to have to get judicial determination to get off what the PASC in Muniz says all should get with or only one court order from the PASC through the AG to the PSP to let all 18,500 RSO’s in this Commonwealth go free under Muniz the law of the commonwealth Now. . . . . without any judicial determination of a case by case filing and paying money to lawyers for Mandamus. . . . . THIS IS CRAZY… i HOPE WHO EVER READS THIS WOULD UNDERSTAND WHERE WE ARE TODAY