Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court

terry brunson

@ Brian
Sorry for the re-post but I want to be clear about HB 1952 and how effects your BRIAN:
In your case this HB 1952 helps you. You would be off the list – But those not in as good of position as you it is a bad thing to have to fight to get Muniz help…….

This law is geared to be a Muniz fix and they are trying to do that to put people back where they use to be – But Muniz would remove people because there is no old Megan’s Laws to revert people Pre -SORNA back into. Muniz case kick 18,500 free when Muniz is returned. . . . . . . without any fights it would be automatic, but if this HB 1952 becomes law _ Muniz would not be Automaticly applied . People would have to file for what HB 1952 says at the end of it -GET A JUDICIAL DETERMINATION- to get off the the registry. . . I hope you understand me. . . . . After reading the HB 1952 it seems to be a law that would do damage control on not letting 18,500 Pre-SORNA RSO’s go free. . . . . . the law would require a judicial determination to be applied to a person that want to get off. Meaning they trying to force people to get a lawyer to go to court and mandamus. I knew this was coming that is why I told Chuck that I was filing any way myself. I don’t know much about the law but I do have faith to fight in my own armor with self pride and God’s help. . . . . . I am not a church kind of person because I this organize religion is a money thing – But God is of ones understanding. . . .the God of your understanding ……….. But yes Brian if HB 1952 was passed into Law Monday. . . . You would be off the registry list in about 30 days from the PSP go a head to take you off. . That means you can now rejoice by choice and thank the writer of HB 1952 – It will help your case – – – – – – But those who before SORNA came into Law had 10 years and went to non -SVP tier 3 life quarterly verification in person reporting – – – – You guys are going to have to fight HB 1952 for it is Law that will try to keep you on the registry until you get the ….Muniz remand help that is coming. HB 1952 only helps pre-SORNA 15 and -25 people that were put into SORNA. HB 1952 is not like MUNIZ which helps every pre-SORNA offender. Like I said it upfront HB 1952 tries you only help non life offenders – – – – – – – – – – – – Keep trusting that MUNIZ will come and help all 18,500 and force PSP to remove names like Muniz decision is suppose to do……. HB 1952 is a limited solution to curb the great exodus off the registry. . . . . . . the PSP don’t want to happen…. it is a bone Law that help only some and not all but Muniz will help all…….WHEN RETURNED FROM THE scotus…….