Reply To: In denying Snyder petition, Supreme Court upholds Sixth Circuit ruling


I was a 10 year in pa and suposed to be done in 2013, then as we know the AWA was put into law in pa I don’t know when they brought Michigan up to date with SORNA but we got screwed 12/20/2012 a whole year before I was suposed to come off. Now with HB 1952 fix they are calling it me and a couple hundred will come off, people that have punishment well past 2012 are going to have some problems, I don’t see this bill lasting very long if it even comes off the floor which some think it wont and others are thinking it will pass. Once they deny cert and Muniz is 100% law I’m sure people will challenge SB 1952 and it’s not going to stand in pa courts under many constitutional grounds. The day I saw that Michigan won was an awesome feeling even though I don’t live there it gave me lots of hope, I hope you guys get off soon.