Reply To: In denying Snyder petition, Supreme Court upholds Sixth Circuit ruling




I am from Michigan and I have been checking the registry every day, to see if there is any changes even slight ones, and so far the ONLY changes I have noticed is the registration start dates.

Just to be clear what I mean is my registration state date use to be 11-22-1995, and now it says 6-19-1992 which is the date I was convicted, and they have changed that back and worth already twice.

I just checked again, and it still has my conviction date of 6-19-199y 2, and in my case, that is good for me since I was suppose to register for 25 years, and at the moment I have 25 years and six months in right now, which would mean I would be removed, or since there was no registry in Michigan in 1992 I could be removed automatically according to Ms Aukerman from the ACLU, but she also said we will have to wait and see what develops, but to be patient ,because they are working hard on getting the changes made, like the 6th circuit ordered.