Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court

terry brunson

In your case this HB 1952 helps you. You would be off the list – But those not in as good of position as you it is a bad thing to have to fight to get Muniz help…….

This law is geared to be a Muniz fix and they are trying to do that to put people back where they use to be – But Muniz would remove people because there is no old Megan’s Laws to revert people Pre -SORNA back into. Muniz case kick 18,500 free when Muniz is returned. . . . . . . without any fights it would be automatic, but if this HB 1952 becomes law _ Muniz would not be Automaticly applied . People would have to file for what HB 1952 says at the end of it -GET A JUDICIAL DETERMINATION- to get off the the registry. . . I hope you understand me. . . . . After reading the HB 1952 it seems to be a damage control of letting 18,500 names removed. . . . . .