Reply To: Pennsylvania Legislature attempts to “fix” unconstitutional law


Fact 1- When Pa sorna went into effect 12/20/12 all former laws expired.42 Pacsa sec.97799.41 and1 Pacsa sec.1971(A) and Pacsa sec.1928 (b)
Fact 2 – Pa sorna deemed punitive per muniz
Fact 3 – only the punishment in effect date of crime can be imposed -basic expost facto -not date of conviction .
Fact 4 – Pre Pa sorna R.C. have no legal duty to comply,.Com.V. Willams, no2191 EDA2016 decided 10/04/17 and Com.V.Dechammer ,no 121 map 2016 Dec.11/22/17,ect.
Fact 5- File petition for review / habeas curpus all in one your county court do not name PSP as a party. They have no standing as are administrative branch.relief must be granted per the above said
Fact 6- Every individual PSP employee,Att gen staff governor staff and the lawyers they employ have each violated the Pa.Rules of professional conduct as well as engaged in ultra vires conduct in thier non compliance with muniz. Haefer V.Melo,502 us 21 (1991) can be disciplined sued in their individual capacity and should be it has to stop..
Fact 7- If date of crime after 12/20/17 precedent contractual law dictates adverse contracts of adhesion are unenforceable .
Fact 8-fact 6 also applies to the proposed non-punitive Pa house bill1952 of 2017 with the added fact the USCA13 permits the punishment of involuntary servitude only when duly convicted of a crime and thats backed up by the expost facto date of crime provision.
Fact 9- repeat the lords prayer every morning you all can’t go wrong for a fact…