Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court

terry brunson

It is being called a MUNIZ fix – DA Freed knows that Muniz will return a remand back to the PASC prothonotary denying Freed’s Cert on Muniz. . . .

Freed only appealed to use the SCOTUS docket run to get HB 1952 rolling so when Muniz comes back there can be damage control to avoid the mass removal of names of the Megan’s Law Registry.

The HB 1952 bill reads at the end of it that only a judicial determination would free one from the registry.

What a judicial determination is – a court order by mandamus or appeal win from a court. . . . . Muniz will only help if you get a lawyer and file in court. . . . But the good news it – If they make HB 1952 law one challenge on this law would have us the next MUNIZ.. Muniz is only good for SORNA – We need one to fight under this new what ever they going to name it. Now it is House Bill 1952 to be named Megan’s Law something. . . Whatever I will tell you this….. It Will Not Pass a Constitutional Muter – But it has to be in law and applied as law, and them we can challenge it to death…. and I mean to D E A T H.