Reply To: Pennsylvania Legislature attempts to “fix” unconstitutional law


My thoughts exactly! I had some of the article copied in preparation to write a response, But you did it for me. When a victim gets updates on the offender it brings back memories they otherwise may have gotten over. This just keeps the memories fresh and stirs up anger and hate.

I wonder if anyone has tried to pass a law where the victim can suggest the offender no longer has to register or be put on a ‘public’ registry? When the victim is a family member the registry does not allow the family to heal and move on. When the victim marries the offender after the fact (teenage sweethearts), they both will have a hard time moving on also.

If there was ever a ‘real’ reason to have a ‘public’ registry, it should be for those who’s offense was on a non-family member (not to include victims who marry the offender after the fact) AND who has prior sexual offenses. First time offenders should not have to be on a public registry.