Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court

terry brunson


I am glad this forum ex sis for you to blow off steam. I say you are allowed to. I am proud to be your friend in this fight. The battle is real and knowledge of the enemy dispels fear.
The enemy is Freed and now he has been appointed a federal post to manipulate AWA like he is doing SORNA at the state level to get a AWA case before the SCOTUS to fix in his mind AWA and state SORNA laws to have all RSO’s on the registry for life. . . .

That is his aim and goal. . . . . He has talk the PA Judiciary Committee of Pa. to follow his words on a fix that will back fire and open the way for pre- and post SORNA people to challenge the NEW Law that will come from H B 1952 .

H B 1952 will not has any constitutional musters that measure it at a court bar challenge.
You can read the text of the bill and see that it is a make over of Megan’s Law 2 which Commonwealth v. Neiman knocked down as unconstitutional as a whole. No parts of it can be brought back…. That is what HB 1952 is doing. The was a fix under Neiman two days before the 90 day bar expired call Pa. ACT 19. It hand 3 paragraphs that controdicted each of at 2 and 3.1 the case commonwealth v. Farabaugh of Dec. 2015 can tell the details – But HB 1952 is not going to get far. . . as relation to a challenge in a PA Court. The PASC ruling on Muniz was 5 to 1 not voting. you can say 6 to 0 because Mundy’s non vote is a call to support and she wrote the concurring opinion on Muniz – do you want to see her words?