Reply To: “Sex offense is the one crime that you can never pay for”



Making it out of the country doesn’t guarantee anything. NY, WI, and Florida keep you in the registry regardless where you move.

Right now I’m still waiting for NY to reply to the lawyer because unlike Doe v O’Donnell my offense didn’t originate in NY and I have no ties or intention of returning to the US.

These three states will have you lost your address and be registered even though the registries are supposed to only apply to you if you live in that state. Which puts people like myself in a weird predicament with IML as passports may be revoked while we are living overseas and we won’t even know about it. So the next time we cross a border or renew a visa it would get us arrested and deported.

Somehow due to a lack of wording these states have international jurisdiction and can issue warrants for not continuing to register. If that’s not over stepping I’m not sure what is.