Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court



I have a few questions and concerns. I pled and was sentenced in 2004, at that time both my CP possession and CP dissemination charges carried a 10yr reg period. I was released from prison in 2007. SORNA rolls into town and I become lifetime. Then in Feb. 2017 PSP sends me a letter telling me I am now a tier 2. Now Muniz happens. What do I do? My next “visit” is in Mar 2018. What info do I give them? only things pre-SORNA? Tell them listing any internet identifiers no longer applies to me when they ask if there are any new ones? Just how far can or should I push back if they get nasty? I’m actually hoping the last Sept. was the last time I have to set foot in there for that again. I should be off it anyway. Part of me wants to file a mandamus the other part wants to wait. I have a wife and a good life so far but just have the worry of the knock on the door. I’m actually thinking if I am removed, is to get a PO Box for all my mail and move to a different address. Then if they try to snag me they would have more work just to find me. Since MLS letters are not to be forwarded…
Someone also said that one still has to update info from, in my case March 2017 to March 2018. If bankruptcies are removed in 10 yrs to the day (I had one due to this mess) why is MLS any different?