Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court



I hear the same thing to, you can’t let the kids play outside anymore or walk down the street.
People around me are oblivious to Muniz or anything going on with this fight, I think they are preoccupied with other things. We were raised on a farm till I was 6, we had acres to play without a care in the world, then my granddad passed and we were drug to Colorado where I lived for 13 years, it was a Spanish community and that’s how was introduced to gangs, drugs and whatnot, My dad stayed with my other granddad till he passed, so for a year or two it was me my brother, mother and grandmother, my brother got caught shoplifting several times and ended up in juvenile haul, all my friends were in and out of Juvie also, I avoided being locked up like my friends, my best frind ended up doing 21 years in the pen because he shot some people, I picked up my charge in Colorado with a girl who my older brother and his now X set me up with, she wanted to hang out with the older crowd so she lied to them and me about her age, so I was charged with sexual assault of a child, i never raped or forced anyone to do anything, she was also sleeping with two other guys who were never charged, I was never ordered to register, just do probation and counseling, pay fines restitution and a sex offender fee which makes no sense seeing I was not ordered to register, we would have been a lot better off staying where we were born, I blame my mother partially for being selfish and putting us in a bad situation, in a bad neighborhood riddled with crime and drugs, if she hadn’t drug us to Colorado I wouldn’t be in this situation,
Firstly people should educate their kids on when strangers approach them, secondly they should travel in groups or more then 2 or 3, these people like the washes who left their kid alone in an arcade by himself then the kid was forced outside due to some stupid security guard and unfortunately he was murdered. I don’t want to say it’s peoples fault but it is partially their fault for being naive and not educating there children or watching their children like they should,