Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court


Thank you I will read up on that note.
Terry you know a lot and no not even the professionals know it all, and I do understand that your not a lawyer also, you probably wouldn’t be in this predicament because you would have gotten yourself out before if started. My last update they asked me different questions then the norm, I answered accordingly and was honest, I think their trying to get me to say the wrong thing and get me to violate, the one asked if I ever did time on my charges and when I was convicted then when I answered he acted surprised, I think they are trying to scare me into saying something that’s not the truth because of Muniz and all of these other lawsuits that are being won, I think someone called in a false report is why they have changed their questions I could be completely wrong though, all my bs reporting requirements are 100% accurate, I am going to hold on the mandamus for the moment. Once 1952 is accepted tossed off the floor and once f’s cert is denied I will file my mandamus, I have money for the lawyers that my family has offered to help with if need be.